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Japanese Writing of Rei-Ki

Our next share is on Friday 29th May. 

We look forward to seeing you all there.

The new dates for next year will be on the website shortly.

Please note you must hold a qualification in some form of Reiki. All levels and variants of Reiki Healers are welcome.

The share starts at 7:30pm and go on until all present have had the opportunity to have a healing.



Dates for 2018



These dates are subject to confirmation, and may possibly change Please check the website a few days before to confirm.

Please note, dates in italics are provisional at this moment in time.

What is a Reiki Share ?


A Reiki Share is a time when people who have learned Reiki come together and give each other Reiki treatments. The treatments are given to the person receiving by more than one person at once, which is a wonderful experience.


Different Ideas ?

If anyone has any ideas that they want to try at a share such as different methods of sharing Reiki then please let Claire know. These are YOUR shares, let us know what you want to get from them.


Quote of the Month

Earth in Healing Hands

"People and land need healing which is all inclusive - holistic."
~Allan Savory.

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